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We would like to let you know the initiatives that we have implemented during this time and the steps we’ve taken to keep you safe as well as follow the guidelines given to us by the State. For starters, we have painted both salons top to bottom, as well as had them professionally cleaned and sanitized. Once we open, we will safely provide services to our clients by implementing various safety and sanitation procedures. Due to the unexpected and rising costs of the sanitation supplies and PPE for our staff, we have added a $1 service fee to all service tickets. The procedures in place include but are not limited to:



  • Requiring face coverings for staff and clients. (clients that can medically tolerate a face covering) If you do not have a face covering we will provide one to you at no cost. 

  • Covid screening questions for all clients entering the salon.

  • All surfaces will be sanitized before and after each client's service and throughout the day. (Including chairs, door handles, light switches, etc)

  • All implements and tools will be sanitized between each client. (this has been a standard practice in the salon and spa before Covid-19)

  • Practicing distancing between clients. (utilizing every other station)

  • Clients will be asked to wait outside or in their car until their scheduled appointment time.

  • Clients will be asked to wash their hands or use provided hand sanitizer upon entering the salon.

  • We will temporarily discontinue self-service refreshments, magazines and testers.

  • Conducting daily self-screening protocol for all staff members.

  • Daily cleaning and sanitizing before opening for business.

Our goal at Bocci is to provide the safest environment possible for you and our staff. We look forward to seeing your happy, healthy faces soon! 

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